Can I make a single Skills Development contribution to the Academy that will ensure complete compliance on this element?

Yes, our solutions cover all categories of training and are designed in consultation with our BEE consulting partner, LLC. We consult with your verification agent to ensure that your spend will be fully recognised.

Our company needs help with all elements of our B-BBEE scorecard to reach a required level, can the Academy help us?

Yes, we work very closely with Lanham-Love Consulting, who will be able to advise you on your BEE requirements to achieve your required level.

We would like our Skills Development strategy to integrate with our CSI programmes, is this possible?

Yes, as a recipient of Skills Development funding and as an SED beneficiary, the LLC Academy will ensure minimum spend for maximum impact on learners and your scorecard.

Are there other benefits to running a learnership programme?

Companies with registered learners are eligible for grant funding from their SETA. In addition, two deductions are available from SARS: an annual allowance and a completion allowance.

We pay our Skills Development Levy to another SETA - can we still work with the Academy?

Yes, the LLC Academy can cater for the needs of a company in any sector regardless of which SETA the company is registered with.

We have very specific skills requirements in our industry - can the Academy ensure that we get skills we really need?

We build bespoke solutions and where necessary, we will work with an industry specific training partner.

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