About Us

Who we are

The LLC Training Academy is a 51% black owned, Level 2, designated Group Supplier, that was founded by Angie Lanham-Love, Keith Orffer, Bobby Lanham-Love and Eileen Thornhill.

We build effective strategies for maximum B-BBEE benefit on the Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development (including Procurement) and Socio-Economic Development elements of the B-BEE scorecard.

We focus on the growth and social upliftment of young members of our society, those who are locked out of the workforce by their lack of access to funding to further their education or become employable.  We educate, nurture and inspire them to believe in themselves and become suitable for employment opportunities that were previously out of their reach.

Our partners

We partner with Lanham-Love Consulting (LLC), a 51% black owned, Level 2 B-BEE consulting company, that assists clients in implementing the B-BEE codes effectively to achieve the best B-BBEE compliance level possible.

We work with sponsors to empower individuals through education and skills development, to increase the number of employable and entrepreneurial people that can contribute towards an improved economy and a better South Africa.

Our accreditation

The Academy is accredited by Services SETA (Accreditation #12369). We work across all sectors and with accredited partners as needed to ensure a 'best-fit' solution for business, in full alignment with your transformation strategy.

In partnership with

Lanham Love Consulting

Tel: 011 268 6565

Email: info@llcacademy.co.za

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Lanham Love Consulting

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