About Us

Who we are

The LLC Academy is a 51% black owned, Level 2, Designated Group Supplier.

We build effective strategies for maximum B-BBEE benefit on the Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development (including Procurement) and Socio-Economic Development elements of the B-BEE scorecard.

We focus on the growth and development of your people and the social upliftment of young members of our society, those who are locked out of the workforce by their lack of access to funding to further their education or becoming employable. We educate, nurture and inspire them to believe in themselves and become suitable for employment opportunities that were previously out of their reach.

The Team - Key People

Eileen Thornhill

Eileen is passionate about the growth and development of people and has extensive experience in the disciplines of Coaching and Learning & Development.  

She has worked on many leadership development programmes and designs people development strategies that align to both your business strategy and people development requirements. 

She has been designing and implementing B-BBEE strategy solutions for Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development for many years. 

Eileen has a BA degree in Psychology from Wits University and holds a Masters in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Chelsea-Ann Griffiths

Chelsea has been involved in project planning and organising for the past 6 years.  She is passionate about the upliftment of her community and peers by enabling them to succeed in a career. As a Project Manager within the LLC Academy, she is very hands on with corporates and students alike and ensures we provide the very best for the clients and the students.

Kim Hayter

Kim is passionate about education and believes that education  empowers people and enables them to become more economically active.  As a project manager she is primarily responsible for the completion of a planned project by preparing, executing and managing all aspects of the project.  She also cultivates, manages and maintains the relationships between all the stakeholders in the project.

Angie Lanham-Love

Angie has been consulting in B-BBEE strategy development and implementation since 2004. She has vast experience in all the pillars of B-BBEE across multiple sector charters, from strategy formulation to implementation, including ownership design, structure and implementation. She has a BCom degree in Business from Wits University.

Chantal Jansen

Chantal supports the team in an administration and financial capacity. She has a bookkeeping qualification from Damelin and has been working in the accounts area since 2006.


Lanham-Love Consulting

We partner with Lanham-Love Consulting (LLC), a 51% black owned, Level 2 B-BEE consulting company.  LLC assists clients with effective implementation of the B-BEE codes and ensures they achieve the best B-BBEE compliance level possible.

Lanham-Love Van Reenen
The B-BBEE codes reside on the legal B-BBEE Act. To ensure you do not transgress any fronting mechanisms, we have formed a strong alliance with Lanham-Love Van Reenen, who provide legal services and ensure legal and BEE compliance of every solution.

Our accreditation
  • The LLC Academy is accredited by Services SETA (Accreditation #12369) and we operate across all sectors of business.
  • COMENSA (Coach and Mentors Association of South Africa) alignment and COMENSA approval of our programmes
In Partnership With
Lanham-Love Consulting
Lanham-Love Consulting
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